About Us

Barre It All Fitness is not just a workout, it’s  a way of life. We offer a comprehensive program in order to meet all of your goals with one membership. Combining HIIT/Interval  with a variety of strength exercises  is the most effective, and smartest  way to workout.  Classes at BIA  will give you an opportunity to improve your cardiovascular  performance through intense HIIT/Interval  training, cardio drills, and strength with a variety of equipment so you can get stronger and faster with every rep and move.  We even designate certain days for certain body parts so no day is the same, and muscles get a chance to recover. We work with the best in the field to ensure every workout is different, and that you increase your strength and efficiency every class, every time. Our experts in HIIT,  cardio drills, strength, barre, and yoga give you everything your body needs which minimizes your chance of injury. Variety is the key to life! Our cardio and strength  classes at Barre It All targets the EPOC system  (Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) , otherwise known as the afterburn, which means you continue to burn calories long after your workout is over. We use our own bodies to push ourselves  to new limits and our   classes are centered around cardio, strength, barre, and yoga. Barre classes are a perfect choice for women who want to create long lean muscles. We  use high reps and low weight in order to elongate and strengthen muscles, every class, every time!  We believe in the power of restoration. We offer yoga  which provides clients an opportunity to stretch and increase flexibility which also decreases the risk of injury. Our classes give clients the opportunity to get faster, stronger, and leaner  every class, every time, with just one membership. Members also receive discounted rates for live and on demand classes. 

We design workouts for every body

Our coaches  will push you to elite heights and motivate you along the way, pushing you to your best self. All classes can be modified and tailored to specific needs so that every client is successful and pushed to new limits every class, every time. We even have workouts for pre and post natal women, and mommy and me classes! 

We follow a method for a reason

Our coaches  are the best of the best. With multiple formats to choose from, your body will never get bored and you will continue to see results. We target specific body parts on specific days of the week  and strategically schedule our cardio, strength, barre, and yoga classes  so you have more than enough variety in order to meet your health and wellness goals. Ready to see what we have in store for you?

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