Are you ready for a change?

We’ve all been there. We have a laundry list of  allllll the health and wellness things we are really going to start on January 1st. But, October-December….the dates are stacking up on your calendar and well, it’s going to be FUN.  Halloween starts and really who cares if we keep going back in our kid’s trick or treating bag. They are fun size snickers bars. It’s not like we are eating the whole thing right? Then it’s all of the #grateful parties, the friendsgiving parties, the work parties, and then the big day….TURKEY DAY! Fast forward another 4 weeks of holiday parties with colleagues, friends, family, and the neighbors!  January 1st  rolls around and you are just exhausted. Exhausted from the salt, the sweets, the alcohol, the long nights, the early mornings, it’s alllll a lot. On January 1st are you  going to   have the energy to “start fresh and new?”  Probably not. I get it, and we have been there. It’s so hard to detox (physically and mentally) from month after month of holiday celebrations. So what if we flip the script? What if we start earlier? Here are three ways you can stay motivated NOW that will allow you to walk effortlessly and seamlessly into the lifestyle you want to create January 1st! 

Tip 1: Find a gym, a studio, or a program that you can follow. In order to stay consistent, taking the guesswork out of things can be a total game changer! You need to know what you will be doing Monday-Sunday (including rest days) and WHY! When thinking about your current goals, how many days should you be doing HIIT based cardio? How many days should you go for a brisk walk? How many days should you lift heavy? How many days should you focus on workouts that are super effective but a bit easier on your joints such as barre ,yoga, or Pilates? This is where the gym or a fitness trainer comes in. LEAN on these people. Pick their brain or better yet, have them prescribe  an exact plan for you  to follow! 

Tip 2: Start cleaning up your diet now. I know, I know. But the holidays are supposed to be fun. You want the glass of the wine, and the dessert, and the pizza for football Sunday. But this is a conversation that needs to be had 1:1, you against you, in the gd mirror. How bad do you really want to change? Not just talking about change….but really really wanting to change? When there is a will there is a way. Get that diet in check and reach out to a trusted professional like a nutrition coach or dietician. They are happy to help and will be impressed you are thinking about this BEFORE January 1st! 

Tip 3: Find an accountability partner. Don’t wait until January 1st to do this! Get inspired. Buy some cute new workout clothes, create a playlist, walk during your lunch with a coworker, or schedule a class with a friend. Better yet, once you find the accountability partner, schedule all of your workouts and movement breaks in a planner and DO NOT CANCEL. Why? Because you are a boss, and bosses don’t cancel. Lucky for you, I have something to help you get ready for January 1st and trust me, you want IN on this.

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