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Meet @laur_mac22 ,owner of @marlosaloninc and see what she had to say about her experience with Barre It All Fitness🖤 “I started coming to @barre_it_all_llc__fitness_ in 2017, after one of my best friends started managing there. It was so different from any group fitness class that I had taken, and it was just what I was looking for to add to my weekly schedule. I love that the classes are low intensity, but challenging and different with every class format and instructor. Every class serves a different purpose, and I love that I can focus on my lower body, upper body, or a full body workout with either strength training with heavy weights, or using pilates and barre to lean and lengthen, depending on the day. The schedule has it all and kinda allows you to choose which days you do what. My initial goals when first joining were to get abs (lol) and to get really toned. I do a bunch of workouts in addition to barre, but I am a firm believer nothing helps my core and arms more than barre, and barrelates (and diet.)You are using your core and strengthening it the entire class. I utilized barre to get ready for my wedding. Mixing in 1 to 2 barre classes a week on top of strength training is always the perfect balance so I don’t overdue it, or get bored. Now that I’m pregnant I have been doing more barre and pilates the last month to work my core more, and do more low intensity strength since the last month of pregnancy is no fun! I’m hoping it helps prepare my body for birth & postpartum. I would recommend this studio to a friend, and I have! I just love the workouts so much I always tell people to give it a try. There’s something for everybody, at all fitness levels!! I have taken classes with all the instructors and they are all really great. I am typically a mid morning 8/9am girl so I love Kerry and Brittany’s classes. On the rare occasion I go in the afternoon Julie is always getting REAL creative and her classes always challenge me!
Marlo Owner
Barre It All continues to impress with their recent addition of virtual classes. This transition from studio to your own home has been seamless. As always the instructors continue to deliver challenging workouts that push you to achieve your goals. If you’ve ever wondered about BIA, now is the time to jump in. 🤗💪🏻
Babe / Teacher
Obsessed with Barre It All! It's an ideal place for full body workouts, between barre, tabata, yoga and kickboxing. And they have such nice, helpful, energetic instructors - and classes that fit my schedule. Extremely reasonable pricing as well. Super pumped this is in our neighborhood!!