Two Simple Tips to Get More Movement in Your Day

We love November. What’s better than a season that is centered around feeling #grateful?

This #November, we challenge you to show up for yourself,move, and feel #grateful for your strong body! 

Here are two quick tips to incorporate movement in your day and how to  feel grateful while doing so!

Tip 1: Wake up just 15-20 minutes earlier than you normally do and move.  Go for a brisk walk, stretch, or take 20 minutes of an on demand class.  After a week or so try to  wake up 20-30 minutes earlier. Slowly train your body vs diving right in. Before moving, stop and notice how you feel. After moving, now how do you feel? Let that feeling of sticking to your goal stick with you all day long!

Tip 2: Schedule a 30 minute break into your work day. Almost every work environment will give you the space and freedom to do this. If you can’t leave for 30 minutes to pause, that’s a whole other conversation . If we don’t schedule  breaks into our day and physically put them on our calendars they won’t happen. While taking a 30 minute break to walk, stretch, or do a class, focus on telling yourself (or hearing from us if  you’re taking a class) how STRONG you are!  Using positive self talk or simply hearing it, will instantly improve your overall mood and your ability to feel grateful for your strong body! 

So, are you ready to  put these into action?  We have a few easy and FREE/affordable ways to support you below

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