Barre It All Live and Recorded Videos – 5 Week Access




Are you ready to become the most connected, most capable, and most confident self? Purchase our LIVE videos and you’ll have access whenever we go live.

Our experts in HIIT,  cardio drills, strength, barre, and yoga give you everything your body needs which minimizes your chance of injury. Variety is the key to life! Our cardio and strength  classes at Barre It All targets the EPOC system  (Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) , otherwise known as the afterburn, which means you continue to burn calories long after your workout is over. We use our own bodies to push ourselves  to new limits and our   classes are centered around cardio, strength, barre, and yoga. Barre classes are a perfect choice for women who want to create long lean muscles. We  use high reps and low weight in order to elongate and strengthen muscles, every class, every time!  We believe in the power of restoration. We offer yoga  which provides clients an opportunity to stretch and increase flexibility which also decreases the risk of injury.

Our LIVE classes give clients the opportunity to get faster, stronger, and leaner  every class, every time.

This purchase is for our LIVE classes only. You will be billed monthly until you cancel. There are no refunds. Upon cancellation, your account will terminate at the end of your one month term.

In order to access the live videos, simply login to your account on the website and hit the LIVE tab.

Please note, we are a small business and we have  worked hard to create this  content for you. It is illegal to distribute logins  to these live and recorded videos.  If you wish to share with a friend, please ask them to purchase their own subscription. Our  software notifies us when logins are viewed  excessively on multiple IP addresses and we will revoke your  access without a refund if you’re sharing logins.


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