Mastering Meal TimeBy: Allie Bowles

Do you have time to cook 2 separate meals for your family? Girl please, I barely have time to cook anything!! My trick for eating healthy, while cooking for the fam is really simple and only requires a few extra grocery store items. Meal prepping looks different for everyone, but what makes it successful for me is I don’t prep full on meals, I prep proteins, separate from sides, and separate from veggies…so that we all throw together a meal that fits each of our needs/wants and the more I play around with it, the easier it gets. Take taco night… my kiddos love taco night. Flour tortillas or the occasional walking taco of fritos is their absolute fave way to start building their taco. For me, I love to throw my taco meat, beans, tomatoes, corn, avocado on a bed of spinach and drizzle w/ ranch made w/ greek yogurt & the ranch powder. It’s still taco Tuesday… it didn’t take any more time and everyone wins! Have you ever tried sloppy joes on a baked sweet potato instead of a bun? Frozen zoodles are the easiest and quick fix for a pasta night, still topped with chicken and broccoli and olive oil, similar to my sons’ penne. Learning delicious, healthy, quick swap outs are what makes the dinner hour feel so much easier!My swap out essentials: Sweet potato for bunsZoodles for any noodlesQuinoa for white rice Bagged spinach, arugula, mix w/ any dinner protein to make salad entreeEziekial toast for sandwich night Home-made salad dressing options vs store bough: yogurt, seasoning packets or olive oil/fresh lemon

I hope you enjoy these fun and easy swaps. Let us know if you try one!

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