When Hunger Strikes

We have all been there. You either have dinner plans, or you are running around like a man woman and all of a sudden hunger strikes and you need to go somewhere 5 minutes ago. Don’t let not knowing where to go, or what to get, ruin all of your hard work. When HANGRY happens, you have options!
Nicky’s Grill and Yogurt Oasis: 10255 S. Western Avenue Chicago, IL 60643
What to get: The Greek Salad with grilled chicken with the dressing on the side. If your goal is dairy free ask for no feta, and double chicken if you want some extra protein.
Barracos: 3047 W. 111th Street Chicago, IL 60655
What to get:Chicken Cacciatore (ask for a breast) or grilled chicken with vegetables. I also love  the chicken skewers and garbage salad!
Coopers Hawk: Any location
What to get:Check out the life balance menu, lots of options!
Horse Thief Hollow: 10426 S Western Ave Chicago, IL 60643
What to Get: Raw salad with grilled chicken.
Marianos: Any location 
What to get:Hit up the salad bar or the $7.00 meal station. Shoot for one serving of protein and some green vegetables (asparagus or brussel sprouts.)
Starbucks: Any location 
What to Get:  Spinach, feta, and cage white breakfast wrap. I like to pair this with a cafe americano with sugar free vanilla syrup and almond milk. DELISH
Wherever you go, a good rule of thumb is to aim for a serving of protein (grilled chicken, salmon, tilapia, mahi mahi, lean steak) healthy starches (sweet potato, quinoa, brown rice) and a serving of vegetables. Maybe the whole goal of going out to eat is to treat yourself  and have a “cheat meal. Guess what? That’s okay too! Just know, you always have options.


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